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Chairman's Message

Welcome To Baba Ramdal Surajdev Polytechnic College

Chairman's Message

Mr. Mrigendra Bahadur Singh (Advocate)
Mobile: +91-8881251111

We, in BRSPC ,have a simple answer. We believe that the success of an institution with its ability to inspire confidence stems from the calibre of its dedicated teaching force.

When we have the finest and the most sincere minds working for us, Education loses its intimidating complexity and becomes a tool to be mastered. When our people gather the reins of destiny in their own capable hands, they become purveyors of progress. Dedication, Sincerity and continuing Empathy of our teaching force are intellectually and emotionally translated into increased success of our students and satisfaction of all parents finding its way through every placement and appointment.

We place major emphasis on continuous improvement of our people not only in their academic parts but also in their leadership traits so that they are geared to deliver sustained values to their employers when they are placed after their successful completion of the courses. Our underlying belief is that students’ ability to prove excellence has a direct impact on the companies’ satisfaction which we are always aiming at.

There can be no half measures when it comes to quality. We spare no effort to inculcate the quality philosophy into our people because while it is our people who make a difference, it is quality that gives an edge.